lisette character by Sophie.C
Lisette was born in 1997 from the pen of Sophie Colnet-Coppola. The tiny traditional character of Pont l'Abbe, Lisette wears the Bigouden costume and bears the name of the creator's grandmother. Originally Lisette embellished framed pictures, later decorating faience pottery. In 1998, Sophie Colnet-Coppola created a second line, entitiled Bigouden-Bigoudene. From the yellow, orange and black colors, the patterns represent stylized characters and Pont-l'Abbe's embroidery patterns.

On the 15th of March 1999, Sophie Colnet-Coppola and her father opened a shop of 538 square feet on the main street of Pont- l'Abbe. In the beginning the shop mainly sold Sophie C creations and a few decorating items. From it's origin, the shop's concept has been to present not a collection of souvenirs, but objects of truly decorative design in their own right and bearing the image of Brittany. The collections, if inspired by the Breton's patterns, are highly stylized.

In November 2000, due to the success of the first shop, Sophie Colnet-Coppola decided to move to a larger location with 1,076 square feet.

The line of Sophie C Creations continues to expand. The shop is now 3,014 square feet and offers in addition to the creations of Sophie, decorating accessories, furniture, lighting...

This year the shop has published a mail order catalog offering pottery, textiles and personalized Sophie C products.